CD prices vary from 10 USD / 17 USD depending on their rarity

select the titles that interest you and we will inform you of the amount.

Europe  :   euro currency

America  and rest  of  world  :  USD   currency

To place your order follow the instructions:

-choose  the stuff  (  T-shirt, hoodie, CDS,LPS)  and  send   e-mail  to  :  or

- to calculate shipping costs is necessary to inform the country and zip code

-We will return your e-mail with the total value of the order

- To America  the price  is  in USD  and  Europe and rest the world  in Euro .

- all requests sent airmail and registered in well sealed boxes.

-payments via paypall (preferably) with 4% increase, moneygram and western union.

- our paypall account is verified

-We do not accept payment via international bank

-We always declare lower values for customs in invoice .

if the package is lost or stolen on the way  we can't be responsible for this loss

- After payment we dispatched within 5 working days.

if you still have any questions contact us via e-mail.